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Product Name: Boldebolin

Active Substance: Boldenone undeclylenate

Category: Anabolic Steroids

Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

Quantity: 10 Ampoules

Generic Names: Boldenone

Strength: 250 mg


Boldenone for sale Online

General Information:

Boldebolin is an oil-based injectable anabolic steroid , to which is attached undecylenate ester due to a slower rate of release and half-life.

It is a derivative of testosterone, which maintains its anabolic strength, but shows reduced androgenic strength compared to testosterone itself.

Boldenone gained popularity among bodybuilders and athletes as less androgenic form of testosterone with less estrogenic activity than Testosterone.

Side Effects of Boldenone:


Blood thickening

Acne   S

Suppression of endogenous testosterone production


Symptoms of Flu

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