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Product Name: GHRP-6

Active Substance: Growth Hormone Releasing peptide

Category: Peptides

Quantity: 10 Vials

Generic Names: GHRP

Strength: 5 mg


GHRP-6 for sale online

General Information:

GHRP 6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6) also known as “Growth Hormone Releasing HexaPeptide”  is a peptide hormone which substantially activates the pituitary gland into releasing high levels of growth hormone for a couple of hours.

Benefits of GHRP 6:

Increase in ghrelin: This is a hormone that the stomach releases when it is empty. It also regulates appetite, promotes fat loss in muscle tissue, and helps in healing damaged tendons.

One big advantage of GHRP-6 is the fact that it can be used by both sex in the same dosage without causing a lot of complicated side effects.

Reduces body fat levels
Increases Lean Body mass
Acts as sleeping aid
Has anti-aging properties
Improves recovery time
Great to stack with SARMs and other Peptides

Side Effects:

Increase in appetite: GHRP-6 causes a high increase in appetite

Is not the strongest in the GHRP-6 family: It is the one with penultimate potency

Drop in sugar levels: The use of GHRP-6 is causes a fall in blood sugar

GHRP 6 Interactions:

GHRP 6 is known to interact with the following medications.

HGH Fragment

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