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Product Name: Jintropin

Active Substance: Somatropin

Category: HGH (Human Growth Hormones)

Quantity: 10 Vials

Generic Names: Jintropin

Strength: 10 IU x 10 Vials / kit


Jintropin for sale online

General Information:

Jintropin a Human growth Hormone (HGH) and is the most popular rHGH sold in China.

Somatropin by GenSci is the absolute market leader in China. Somatropin made by GeneScience is the Best in the market because GenSci uses a proprietary technology called E.coli secretion technology which produces a 191 amino acid sequence human growth hormone.

This produces a high quality highly purified product resulting in no side effects associated with injection, such as red rash or welts at the injection site.

Benefits of Jintropin:

Increased muscle mass
Reduced body fat
Boosts energy levels
Increased performance
Re-generation of major organs that shrink with age
Superior immune function
Stable blood pressure
Improved cholesterol profile
Supplement stronger bones
Younger, tighter and thicker skin
Wrinkle removal
Enhanced human sexual performance

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