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Product Name: Sermorelin

Active Substance: Sermorelin Acetate

Category: Peptides

Quantity: 10 Vials

Generic Names: Sermorelin

Strength:  2mg / kit


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General Information:

Sermorelin is a peptide steroid responsible for the production of growth hormones in the body.

GHRH  (Sermorelin), Being a complete analogue of substance synthesized by the hypothalamus, it causes fast growth of muscle and bone accelerating the cell metabolism.

Positive Effects of Sermorelin:

Increased appetite
Pmproved muscle growth
Fast Fat burning effect
Improvements in sleep quality
Neutralizing effects of stress and overload
Keeping testosterone at normal levels

Dosage information:

GHRH is administered by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. The daily dosage is calculated according to the attached instructions or prescription given your doctor, and is 100-200 mcg, depending on body weight. The number of injections are from 1 to 3 daily.

Tip: Regular use of the GHRH causes a surge of cell activity which provides the necessary amount of growth hormone in the body.

Side Effects:

Numerous GHRH reviews show that this peptide is very effective and easily assimilated by the organism. GHRH fully consists of amino acids.

injection site reactions such as pain, swelling,
difficulty swallowing,
changes in taste,
pale skin

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